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Uses of Gold
Periodic Table Of Elements
History of gold
How is gold obtained?
Uses of Gold
Interesting facts about gold
Physical properties of gold
Atomic Structure of Gold
Sources used

Gold has a variety of uses because of its non-toxicity and its flexible structure.

    Dentists use gold because it is flexible, strong,  non-toxic, and never corrodes. Because gold is so flexible, dentists use it as an alloy with other metals such as, platnum and zinc.


     Many jewelers choose gold because it is so easy to work with and because many customers prefer the sleek look of gold. A karat is the unit used to measure pureness of gold. There are many different karats of gold available, 24 being the purest. The purer the gold, the more it costs. As of the year 2001 value of gold is $284.90 an ounce.


     Many countries use gold as a monetary unit because if its intense value and economic reliabilty.


Space Exploration!-
       Yes, gold has even expanded into the field of space travel. Astronaut's space suits have a thin layer of gold on the glass mask to help protect them from harsh sun rays.